How we work

Over 20 years of experience. 
Over 30 thousand installations around the world.


The engineering division of Rimor S.r.l. offers a professional design that concerns the aeraulic, mechanical, thermal and structural aspects and makes use of a multidisciplinary team made up of a dozen highly specialized professionals.

The attention to the functional, maintenance, aesthetic side and to the reliability and durability of the product, together with the final simulation process, through which the engineering results are verified, certify the quality and professionalism of the engineering.

  • Ready to createin over 20 years of experience, over 30 thousand installations worldwide.
  • Step-by-step simulation: CFD simulations and finite element studies performed internally with consequent immediate verification of engineering projects.
  • Software 3D CAD/CAM: assisted design functional to production and directly connected to machine tools.


The post-engineering process begins with the elaboration of production sheets containing timing diagrams, bills of materials and complete assembly cycles.

Production is entrusted to highly qualified internal staff and to the use of cutting-edge machinery (laser cutting, bending and welding machines).

Verifications and tests of the finished product are then carried out through codified procedures according to the quality control system and related instruments with certified calibration.

  • Complete and detailed instructions: every detail of the products is detailed and classified to allow an assembly without errors.
  • Complete plant: the production department is at the service of those who design with a complete range of technologies and the added value of internal staff.
  • Instrumentation and power: test room with 500 kW power inverter and equipped with complete instrumentation.



Rimor S.r.l. it also offers, all over the world and on-site with customers, final commissioning services, based on international testing regulations, as well as offering assembly and after-sales services such as assistance, scheduled maintenance and on-demand with specialized personnel.

  • Commissioning certificato: verifica dei risultati da parte di tecnici altamente specializzati.
  • Montaggio meccanico ed elettrico: supervisioni e montaggi con tecnici specializzati.
  • Servizi, ricambi e riparazioni: fornitura di parti di ricambio originali e garantite.
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